The strength of Maccabee Arms LTD lies in the ability to accurately assess the needs of our clients in order to provide effective and timely recommendations for the implementation of an operational system – including multi-level training.  These services are of value to individuals, civilian and governmental agencies including Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams and Special Forces Units.

Whether you are an individual, a corporation or a goverment/state agency, Maccabee Arms LTD will provide you with exceptional customer service and individual attention.

Call us to discuss your needs.  We are here to serve you, our customer.

What can Maccabee Arms LTD do for you?

  • Assess your security needs.
  • Design a system that protects your home and/or your business.
  • Build a security system for endangered communities and train individuals to protect themselves.
  • Design and facilitate an Executive/VIP protection plan.
  • Train security professionals and non-professionals to meet any threat.
  • Follow-up on the performance of security staff and the equipment they require.
  • Design and operate training sites.
  • Design and operate site security (schools, government buildings, courtrooms, factories, etc.).