Maccabee Arms LTD is owned and operated by a Veteran who believes in the  United States, our Constitution, and the right of all law-abiding  citizens to own and to carry a firearm if they are qualified and elect  to do so.

It is our goal to provide the best customer service and knowledge in the industry, as well as high quality firearms at reasonable prices.

Owner  Sharon Oren (Veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) decided to  create Maccabee Arms LTD as a “one-stop-shop” for all your firearms,  gear, and tactical training and consulting.

With many years of proven combat and tactical experience, all of your questions regarding firearms, training, and weapons  safety will be answered to your complete satisfaction.

Among our team members you will find experts within their field, weather it is aviation security, counter terrorism, maritime and intelligence, all are high ranked veterans with world wide experience in both governmental and private sectors.



35779_405449922762_730557762_4535232_8032316_n.jpgMr. Sharon Oren

Sharon (pronounced Sha-Rhon) was born and raised in Tel-Aviv,Israel.  After serving in the IDF (Naval Special Operations) and the Israeli Chief Of Staff Security Detail, he joined the Israeli Security Services where he specialized in Executive Protection and Counter Terrorism.  At that time Sharon joined forces with the International Security Academy and became their coordinator in the European Union.

In 1998, Sharon  founded Global Security Consultants Inc. and was active in training, consulting and providing security to both governmental and private sectors worldwide.  Among his clients were numerous Fortune 500 companies, high profile celebrities and various Law Enforcement Units.

Sharon brings the Israeli "Know-How” and is in charge of the tactical training, combat shooting and Executive Protection course.

Steve Johns

Steve is a 25 year Retired Veteran of the Reno, Nevada Police Department. He worked a uniform assignment most of his career, spending a lengthy tour on the Mountain Bike Enforcement Team.  He specialized in the Memphis Model of Crisis Intervention.  He was one of the departments first non SWAT Operators to carry an AR-15 on Patrol.  He was a Mentor, Police Protective Association Board of Director and a Terrorism Liaison Officer.