Our CCW Instructors are licensed by the Nevada Sheriff’s and Chief’s Associations and the Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation.  Our Basic Concealed Weapons (CCW) training is comprehensive and student oriented.  We take our training responsibilities very seriously.  If you are looking only for a certificate enabling you to obtain your permit to carry without receiving the training that is require by the State of Nevada, then we are not the right training for you.

We do not cut corners.  Our instructors are NRA Certified.  Before we certify that a student is qualified to carry a deadly weapon, we must be completely satisfied that our student is familiar with the laws governing the carrying and use of a firearm, is physically able, and will willingly accept such a grave responsibility.

If you are new to firearms, we will do our best to match you to the firearm that is best suited for your needs and your ability to handle that weapon.

Not everyone is able to become proficient with the same revolver or pistol.  Some adjustments may be required in caliber, frame and type to insure that you can safely carry a firearm, and protect, and defend yourself and your home.